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The official trailer for Kaley Cuoco’s upcoming HBO Max series The Flight Attendant is now online! You can watch it in the embed below via YouTube.

Great news! A premiere date for Kaley Cuoco’s upcoming series The Flight Attendant was just announced! The show will premiere on Thursday, November 26 (aka Thanksgiving Day) on HBO Max with the first three episodes of the series, with the rest of the episodes premiering each week.

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Kaley Cuoco appeared on Instagram Live with her make-up artist Jamie Greenberg. They did a review/tutorial on Jamie’s new product, the Blighlighter. Check it out below!

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Kaley Cuoco will be appearing on the new Netflix series The Cabin with Bert Kreischer. The show will be premiering on Netflix Tuesday, October 13, 2020.

Kaley Cuoco discussed her upcoming HBO series The Flight Attendant with TV Insider. Check out some highlights from the interview!

Cassie is so different from Penny. How would you describe her?

Kaley Cuoco: She’s the fun flight attendant who looks completely put together but really is falling apart inside. She’s an alcoholic, but obviously doesn’t want to admit it. She is a disaster, but at the end of the day, she has a good heart and she wants to do what’s right.

So you’re clearly hoping for a second season with Cassie, but do you miss Penny?

Oh, I do. I love that character. I owe everything to Penny and to that show. And if [Big Bang cocreator Chuck Lorre] asked me to do another sitcom, I would do it in a heartbeat.

What kind of TV would we catch you watching to unwind?

I just really love reality TV. I get so sucked in. [Bravo’s] Below Deck, I can’t get enough of. [TLC’s] 90 Day Fiancé, [Lifetime’s] Married at First Sight. [ABC’s] Dancing With the Stars is back. When you look at my TiVo and see what’s on there, I’m embarrassed. If Karl [Cook, my husband] doesn’t hear from me for a few hours, he’s like, “How many shows have you watched?” I’m like, “It’s lady-TV night! Leave me alone!”

Source: TV Insider

Great news! The animated series Harley Quinn was renewed for a third season! The series is produced by Kaley’s “Yes, Norman” Productions and features her as the voice for the main character Harley.

The new season will be streaming exclusively on HBO Max, which is a change from DC Universe. No official launch date for the new season, but it’s safe to assume season 3 will premiere sometime in 2021.

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A total of 695 screen captures of Kaley Cuoco from the 2015 independent film Burning Bodhi were added to our photo gallery!

You can see all the captures by clicking on the previews and links below.

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The latest episode of “A Cup Of Cuoco” posted by Kaley Cuoco on IG TV. Added on August 19, 2020 while Kaley was in quarantine in The Hamptons.

The latest episode of “A Cup Of Cuoco” posted by Kaley Cuoco on IG TV. Added on August 8, 2020 while Kaley was home in Los Angeles.

Kaley Cuoco was interviewed by USA Today to discuss her roles in The Flight Attendant and voicing Harley Quinn in the new animated series. Check an excerpt below:

“It’s been wonderful (and) totally career changing,” she said of her dual role as first-time executive producer and star of HBO Max’s “The Flight Attendant” (due this fall) during a virtual Television Critics Association panel Wednesday.

Cuoco, 34, who said she loved her time playing Penny on the CBS hit “Big Bang,” sounds equally pleased with voicing the title character of the animated “Harley Quinn” on the DC Universe streaming service last November.

“I had no idea it was going to be as insane and raunchy as it has become. I’m even shocked half the the time at the stuff I say, but that has been this enjoyable (experience) that started as a little side gig and turned into something more,” she said.

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